• Unless otherwise stated the basic price includes; delivery of your Stork, Personalized “Bundle of Joy” Keepsake with your baby’s name, birth date, weight, and length, and pick up at the end of your rental period. We will also send you a text message or email to let you know that your personalized Stork has been delivered. At the end of your rental period your keepsake will be removed from the Yard Sign and left on your front door or otherwise designated spot.


  • We must receive payment before your Stork Yard Sign is delivered. Once we receive the order we will confirm Stork availability and process your payment. Reservations will not be held without payment. For your convenience we graciously accept the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal


  • Once the Stork has been placed, we do not recommend moving, mowing or weed eating around the Stork. Damage may occur if contact is made with the sign. If you need your Stork moved to another location please give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate you. A delivery fee may apply for each time that we have to come out and move the sign. If you have special instructions on where to place the display please notify us when you are making the reservation. Home owner is responsible for damages to the Stork if one of the above is done.


  • Please refrain from decorating the sign in any way. Balloons or other items added to the Yard Sign may result in damages to the Sign if not properly handled. When a balloon pops, the sun bakes the latex or foil onto the sign causing permanent damage. Home owner is responsible for damages to the Stork Yard Sign.


  • Our Signs are for decorative purposes ONLY. For the safety of your children please do not allow them to play on or near our Stork Yard Sign. If injuries result from children playing on or near our Stork, we will not be held liable.


  • If you have a sprinkler system in your lawn you must be home upon delivery or mark the spot where you would like the Stork so that we won’t interfere with the sprinkler system. We will not be held liable for damage to sprinklers.


  • If you notice damage to the Sign or theft of the Yard Sign please notify us immediately

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How do I place an order?

Easy!  Call us seven days a week, 8am – 9pm or send us an email.  We’ll need delivery date, address and details for personalization.  We accept Mastercard, Visa, or Discover and Paypal.  Checks accepted 7 days in advance.

What is included with a sign rental?

Sign rental includes delivery of stork (with personalized keepsake bundle) setup and removal.  If ordered, sibling signs are also included.

How much notice is needed?

Call any time:  NEXT day delivery, sometimes SAME day delivery available with a nominal rush fee. We also welcome ADVANCE reservations.  We appreciate at least 24 hour notice.

When do you deliver and pick up display signs?

We install seven days a week. Most new parents like to have their stork sign installed just before coming home from the hospital; others prefer a few days at home to get settled before the stork sign is installed.

Does someone need to be home when the sign is delivered?

No. We can install the stork without anyone at home.  If you have a specific placement request, please let us know.

May I move the display sign myself?

No, we cannot be responsible for damage to property or personal injury if you try to move or alter the sign.

What are the Keepsakes?

For baby: handpainted wooden plaque, personalized with baby’s name, birth date, weight and length.  For big brothers and sisters:  Sibling Star or Sibling Heart wooden yard sign, hand painted with the sibling’s name.  Each of our signs have pre-drilled holes through which ribbon will be inserted after rental for easy hanging in your child’s room.

Do you offer a discount for twins?

Yes we do!  For twins, the first stork is full price; second stork is $10 off.

Can I mow and water my lawn?

Watering is fine. To avoid possible damage, we ask that you avoid mowing or trimming close to the stork sign.

What is your delivery area?

Free delivery (with setup and removal) to Nassau County and most parts of Suffolk county (within a 15 mile radius from Nassau border).  We’re happy to deliver outside our free areas for a small delivery fee.  Please contact us for details. Call us to discuss.

Other questions, or ready to order?

One easy call or click xxx.xxx.xxxx or  fill out a Contact Form on the website
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